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2017 Grants

Business & Finance Symposium

A real authentic experience for students. Access to industry analysis reports and recommendations were made to businesses in the community. Assisting local businesses with their

Dash and Dots

The Sunburst Digital company offers Wonder Workshop. This STEM based program, enhances K – 5 learners. Dash and Dot robots Dash and Dot robots provided

Library Learning Commons

Library Learning Commons (LLC) is a resource center and hub of creativity and collaboration. The SRMS Makerspace is increasingly used for immersive, inquiry-based creation and

Nature Lab

Nature lab’s goal provided access to natural history specimens that encourages curiosity and creative thinking. Hands-on access to the collection enabled students to make connections

Unified Sports – RHS

Unified Sports Program was created at RHS. Unified Sports® is a registered program of Special Olympics that combines approximately equal numbers of athletes with and

2016 Grants


In partnership with a local environmental education organization, the grant created an aquaponics demonstration site and curriculum in the High School biology classes. Aquaponics –

2015 Grants

3D Printing

A 3D printer, scanner and product material enhanced and supported STEM initiatives as the district prepares for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). STEM initiatives


Utilizing a STEAM-based program, ArchForKids offers projects to deepen students’ understanding of the world built around them via architecture, design, engineering and urban planning. A


Makerspace – a “do it yourself”, high energy community space for students and staff to collaborate and creative. Providing technology, equipment and materials it enhances

Mark Twain

A collaboration with the Mark Twain House and Museum, Hartford, CT, introduces a new writing program and assembly that builds student learning and critical thinking


Through movement, breath and mindfulness, students and teachers can cultivate a safe space in which to build a practice that supports the goals of 21st

Professional Development

By collaborating with The Prospector, a local non-profit dedicated to providing unique vocational training opportunities for adults with disabilities, Ridgefield Public Schools educateed the RPS


Utilizing a handheld sensor, SCiO, that works with a smart phone to analyze matter on the molecular lever will bring scientific practices into the classroom,

2014 Grants

Common Ground

This unique partnership with Norwalk, Bridgeport and Ridgefield schools along with The Aldrich Museum resulted in school-museum-artist collaboration. Students working with with artists exploring ideas,

Flip Camera

Enhancing social and verbal skills through technology, flip cameras recorded both structured and unstructured conversations of students.


Coding with a modern, fun twist. Gamestar, the popular student gamification website, promoted problem and critical thinking skills to build games.


The Vernier motion detector uses ultrasound to measure position, velocity and acceleration of moving objects. It can be connected to any computer to provide tables


Increasing student-student, student-teacher interaction using Skype. Skype is a digital video connection device for use on computers and smart phones.

Smart Music

Utilizing the SmartMusic app, students recorded, evaluated and submitted a recording to the teacher allowing online review, feedback and revised assignments. Students created a personalized

2013 Grants


A curriculum targeted eBook collection that will allow teachers and students access to current e-titles when working in the library, classroom, computer lab or home.


Integrating lab stations with iPads that are connected to the Smart Board allowed for increasing classroom collaboration. Equipped with simulation and scientific software, the iPads,


The creation of six different lab stations that contained hands-on physics projects and demonstrations provided students’ the application of the inquiry based model. A rotating

2012 Grants

Share of Story

Enhancing second grade fluency in reading and writing through iTouch. Utilizing all aspects of literacy; reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and enacting, students work through

Skype with Authors

The Veteran’s Park Elementary School Librarian created authors. After numerous author visits to VP, students were left wanting. Not enough exposure to the author, his

Tablet/Computer Integration

RHS English Department goes wireless. The integration of iPads in two RHS classrooms connects with the existing Apple TV devices and existing projectors using bluetooth

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