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Ridgefield, CT, June 20, 2017 – The Ridgefield Education Foundation (REF) is pleased to announce the recipients of their Project grant cycle. The Foundation will fund over $12,000 in projects for the 2017-2018 school year. “This year we received some amazing applications and are excited to continue to partner and work with the district and its educators to find new and exciting ways to offer our student an exceptional educational experience. REF could not do what we do without the generosity of the community which regards education as the key to our students’ well being and success.” The Foundation funds programs that foster innovation in the Ridgefield Public Schools. The projects serve as valuable catalysts for moving education forward in Ridgefield by engaging the community, leveraging technology and enhancing resources available to educators.

The grant recipients are:

Janine Johnson, SRMS, “Going Deep! Virtual Reality in the SRMS Library Learning Commons”
Students will deepen their connection to content in inquiry-based exploration through the use of Virtual Reality. VR can improve student creativity and understanding of concepts while increasing empathy, and motivation to learn.

Holli Levy, Liza Shaban VPES, “Coding and Computer Science with Dash and Dot Robots”
Students will code robots and persevere through challenging problems, which they will solve creatively. Students will learn how to participate in real world research to find solutions to various problems, and basic programming concepts & computer science skills connected to the curriculum.

Mike Merati, RHS, “Business and Finance Symposium”
The purpose is to create a real, authentic experience where students can access industry analysis reports to make recommendations to a business in our community. Students will collaborate with a local business to take classroom theory and put lessons into action in the real world.

Charlsie Vanderrest, SRMS, “Nature Lab”
The goal is to provide access to natural history specimens that will encourage curiosity and creative thinking. Hands on access to the collection will enable students to make connections between not only science, art, and design, but all aspects of their learning.

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