Ridgefield Education Foundation to Relaunch the Hero Awards this Fall

Tuesday, June 16th 2016, Ridgefield CT– The Hero Awards, a creative way for parents to appreciate teachers, were such a success that REF plans to relaunch this program in the fall. This exciting initiative which allows parents to recognize teachers, was met with enthusiasm from both parties and REF plans to implement more throughout next school year. REF has been refreshing and revamping their system and will be continuing the Hero Award’s in the fall, so stay tuned!


The Hero Awards -Honoring Exceptional Ridgefield Outstanding, were first begun in 2013, and enable parents to show their appreciation to teachers by purchasing a certificate in advance. The proceeds are then given back to the teachers in the form of grants and used to create innovative programs throughout the Ridgefield school system. Last year, 358 certificates were purchased by parents, recognizing 225 teachers and raising over 5,000. The certificate is personally delivered to the teachers, which adds a personal aspect to this creative program!


Two of REF’s own board members, Elizabeth Misiewicz and Lisa, are teachers in the Ridgefield school system, and have experienced firsthand the impact that the Hero Awards make. Elizabeth Misiewicz, a 7th grade English teacher who has been teaching for 4 years, says, “As a grant recipient I am very appreciative of REF’s efforts to support teachers and recognize their hard work. I look forward to seeing how the Hero Award program will grow and expand its engagement within the Ridgefield community.” Lisa Whelan, a kindergarten teacher who has been teaching in Ridgefield since 1986, feels lucky to have received Hero Awards in the past. “It is so special to be recognized for our hard work and dedication by family members in this way. Not only does it benefit us as teaches, but it also impacts the students and the opportunities they have.”


The mission of Ridgefield Education Foundation is to enhance the bridge between the community and our public schools. We do this by encouraging private philanthropy to enhance student educational experiences. REF is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. New members always welcome!

REF to Relaunch the Hero Awards this Fall